High Speed Data Solution Acquisition, 12 multiplexed channels

Discontinued Model DAS701

Discontinued: November 30, -0001 2 Year Warranty

The Data Acquisition Solution DAS701 is a recorder that enables you to acquire multiple parameter: Voltage, Current, Temperature (thermocouples, Pt100-1000), measurements on sensors (e.g. 0-10V; 4-20 mA), etc.. With its 12 multiplexed channels and 16 logic inputs you can record long term measurements with a sampling rate of 5kHz taking full use of the 500GB internal hard disk memory.This Data Acquisition Solution can be remotely controlled by USB, Ethernet or WiFi connection and the results can be analysed on license-free software from Sefram.

DAS801 combines autonomy, power and simplicity making it the right answer to your recording needs.

  • TFT panoramic LCD touch screen (15"6)
  • 12 multiplexed analogue channels:
  • 16 bit, 5ks/s, Bandwidth: 1kHz
  • DC Voltage : 50 V
  • Thermocouples, Pt100, Pt200, Pt500, Pt1000
  • 16 logic channels
  • 128 Mword memory, with segments
  • Internal hard disk : 500 Gb
  • Intuitive man-machine interface
  • Interfaces : 4 x USB, Ethernet, VGA
  • Various measurement functions
  • Remote control
  • Supplied with licence free Sefram Viewer software for data transfer and analysis 


  • CAN - LIN bus (2 CAN ports, 2 LIN input) - factory option
  • WiFi interface
  • Internal battery - factory option



Our complete range of data acquisition solutions allows you to analyse and record all types of measurements: voltage, current, temperature, physical and environmental parameters.

Our portable and bench solutions will meet all your industrial and technical needs. The data can be directly recorded in digital format or on thermal paper. It can also be processed via free software (Sefram Viewer) in Excel, txt or csv format. It is possible to wait for triggers to be activated to monitor electrical changes. Triggers can be rearmed again. Or in continuous mode: the storage capacity on hard disk or memory is so deep that we can store data over very long times! Our acquisition systems can monitor electrical networks (up to 4 networks simultaneously) with network frequencies ranging from 40Hz to 1kHz.

All our solutions are communicating via a network ETHERNET, USB port, WiFi, we can also remote control our solutions (VNC or Sefram Pilot: free).

A range of dedicated accessories complements our SEFRAM data acquisition offer.



Note/Description Version File Link
FlexPro 2021 (64 bits) 2021 FlexPro-2021-Suite-x64.exe
Guide rapide FlexPro (FR) 2019 Get-To-Know-FlexPro-2019-in-15-Minutes-FRA.pdf
Readme before installing FlexPro / Lisez-moi avant installation de FlexPro 1.0 Flexpro_readme-lisezmoi.txt
Pilot Sefram 1.3 InstallPilotSeframV1.3.zip
Release Notes FRA 2021 FlexPro-2021-FRA-Release-Notes.pdf
  • FlexPro software - View

    FlexPro software - View

    Model 100081

      The ideal solution for presenting data

      Create persuasive graphics and documents using FlexPro View.

    • The optimized, user-friendly interface makes it easy to design, scale and position your diagrams, tables and text.
    • Choose from over 100 types of diagrams, or use drag-and-drop to insert curves and axes.
    • An extensive array of cursor functions provide for easy inspection and marking of data.
    • Data visualization has never been easier!

  • FlexPro software - Standard

    FlexPro software - Standard

    Model 100082

      The powerful combination of analysis and presentation

      FlexPro Standard combines impressive presentation features with powerful, mathematical analysis functions.

    • Use the pre-designed analysis objects to obtain your data analysis results faster and more reliably at the click of a button.
    • Customize the analysis procedure and immediately view its effect on the results.
    • Develop your own analysis algorithms in FPScript: Over 200 functions and a variety of operators are available to you.

  • FlexPro Professional software

    FlexPro Professional software

    Model 100083

      The common base for team players

      In addition to the wide range of presentation and analysis functions, FlexPro Professional now offers the following features:

    • Shared template databases to speed up the exchange of information.
    • Full compatibility with multicore processors with the ability to parallelize computing operations to save you valuable time.
    • Use of the integrated VBA or a programming language of your choice to automate analyses.
    • The integrated VBA* development environment provides the following advantages:

    • Easily create your own applications.
    • Seamless integration into your acquisition program and connection to your enterprise’s IT system.
    • Integrated debugger and code editor with IntelliSense® technology.
  • FlexPro Developer Suite Software

    FlexPro Developer Suite Software

    Model 100084

      The complete solution for your enterprise

      Take advantage of the entire FlexPro power including all available options at an attractive bundle price.

      All Options included in FlexPro Developer Suite:

    • Data Explorer
    • Advanced Statistics
    • Counting Procedures
    • Spectral Analysis
    • Order Tracking
    • Digital Filters
    • Acoustics
    • Human Body Vibrations
    • ASAM ODS File Import
  • 0.01 ohm shunt, 0.5%, 30A max

    0.01 ohm shunt, 0.5%, 30A max

    Model 207030301
    • 0.001 ohm shunt, 0.5%, 30A max
    • Max voltage 60V DC / 30V AC
    • Non isolated (to be used with low voltage applications)
  • Wifi interface for SEFRAM Handheld recorders

    Wifi interface for SEFRAM Handheld recorders

    Model 902402000
    • Wifi option for SEFRAM DAS220, DAS240, DAS30, DAS50, DAS60, DAS1700, DAS700, DAS701, 8460
    • This option uses the USB interface of the recorder (dongle)
    • Allows to connect the recorder to a Wifi network for remote control
  • Patch cord for logical channels

    Model 902407000
    • Patch cord for entering signals to the logical channels of data acquisition solution
    • Equipped with 4mm safety male bananas
  • 0.01 ohm shunt, 1%, 3A max

    0.01 ohm shunt, 1%, 3A max

    Model 910007100
    • 0.01 ohm shunt, 1%, 3A max current
    • Max voltage 60V DC / 30V AC
    • Housing with safety banana plugs
  • 0.1 ohm shunt, 1%, 1A max

    0.1 ohm shunt, 1%, 1A max

    Model 910007200
    • 0.1 ohm shunt, 1%, 1A max current
    • Max voltage 60V DC / 30V AC
    • Housing with safety banana plugs
  • 10 ohms shunt, 0.1%, 0.15A max

    10 ohms shunt, 0.1%, 0.15A max

    Model 912008000
    • 10 ohms shunt, 0.1%, 150mA max current
    • Housing with safety banana plugs
    • Max voltage 60V DC / 30V AC
  • Extension option

    Extension option

    Model 917001000

    Extension option - add up to 3 extra boards in addition to 3 standard boards

  • SENT option

    SENT option

    Model 917002000
    SENT option - SENT sensors analysis and PWM measurement
  • Battery option

    Battery option

    Model 917003000

    Battery option - with up to 2 hours of autonomy

  • Rack Mount Kit for DAS1700

    Model 917004000

    Rack Mount Kit for DAS1700

  • IRIG option

    IRIG option

    Model 917005000

    IRIG option - internal clock synchronisation with an IRIG time

  • CAN-LIN Bus option

    CAN-LIN Bus option

    Model 917005500

    CAN / LIN Bus option - Analysis and recording of CAN and LIN frames

    The datasheet is available here: link


  • 16 isolated logical channels module

    16 isolated logical channels module

    Model 917008000
    • 16 isolated logical channels (250V)
    • Direct connection to the SEFRAM recorder
    • Compatible with all Sefram recorders
    • Power supply for external sensor
    • 3 Alarms (output)
    • Input with safety bananas or fast connectors
    • Supplied with interface cable and fast connectors
  • Without fan option

    Without fan option

    Model 917009000
    Without fan option for specific environments
  • High Impedance input option

    High Impedance input option

    Model 984402300

    High Impedance input option for universal board (10MΩ)

  • 1 ohm shunt, 0.1%, 0.5A max

    1 ohm shunt, 0.1%, 0.5A max

    Model 989006000
    • 1 ohm shunt, 0.1%, 0.5A max. current
    • Max voltage 60V DC / 30V AC
    • Housing with safety banana plugs
  • 50 ohms shunt, 0.1%, 0.05A max

    50 ohms shunt, 0.1%, 0.05A max

    Model 989007000
    • 50 ohms shunt, 0.1%, 50mA max current
    • Housing with safety banana plugs
    • Max voltage 60V DC / 30V AC