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Head office
: 32, rue E. Martel - 42100- St Etienne- France
Phone: + 33 (0)
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Registered RCS Saint-Etienne 790 833 404
VAT code FR19790833404
EORI code: FR79083340400011

Created in 1947, Sefram develops its business on the field of recorders. It joined in 1978 the test and measurement division of Schlumberger. Since November 2004, the company is a subsidiary of BK Precision . Certified ISO 9001, Sefram's strategy is to bring to the market place innovative and high quality test and measurement products for electronic and electrical applications.

R&D and Production Center  in St Etienne

R&D and Production Center in St Etienne (France) (32910 sq. ft. covered on 117000 sq. ft. ground)

Sefram works with 4 continents. Please check "International" on the website to see our representative over the world.

ISO 9001 Accreditation (V2015)

SEFRAM Instruments for Test and Measurement

  • Recorders (thermal-, color pen-, paperless- recorders, XY plotters, transient recorders,...)
  • Field Strength meters ( for digital and analog TV, Internet, Telephone,... for terrestrial, cable distribution and SAT applications)
  • Test Instruments (DMMs, oscilloscopes, clamp-on meters, power clamp-on meters, generators, electrical testers, spectrum analyser,...)
  • ELDITEST   Test accessories (oscilloscope probes, differential probes, test leads, cables, coaxial adapters,...)

Recent information:

  • 2020: SEFRAM launches the new family of data Aquisition solutions DAS1700, new TV Meters 7848B, 7849B, 7859B and many T&M instruments (BK9832B, BK9833B, MR series)
  • 2019: SEFRAM launches new families NVD testers, new families of programmable AC power supplies, new DC Electronic Loads, new Oscilloscopes
  • 2018: SEFRAM launches a new 10 channels handheld recorder (DAS220)
    New families of programmable AC power supplies, new DC Electronic Loads, new Oscilloscopes
  • 2017: SEFRAM launches a new handheld 6 channels recorder (DAS60)
    New families of programmable AC power supplies (BK983X), new DC Electronic Loads
  • 2016: SEFRAM launches new handheld multi channels recorder (DAS240)
    New families of programmable AC power supplies (BK980X), new LCR meter (BK891)
  • 2015: SEFRAM launches new compact TV Meters (7848 & 7849)
    SEFRAM launches new handheld recorders (DAS30 & DAS50)
    ISO 9001-V2008 certifcate is reniewed
    New families of programmable power supplies (BK920X), new generators (BK407XB), new DC loads (BK860X)
  • 2014: SEFRAM launches new recorders (8460, DAS801) and several new products for T&M (DSO, Generators, programmable power supplies,...)
  • 2013: SEFRAM launches new measurement board for Recorders, new programmable power supplies and several T&M products.
  • 2013: SEFRAM launches a new family of panoramic TV Meters with touch screen technology
    New family of Paperless Recorders with panoramic touch screen: DAS1600 / DAS800
    New T&M products: generators, DSO, high power power supplies,...
  • 2012: SEFRAM launches the new 7846/7847 (compact TV meters)
    New range of programmable power supplies (BK Precision)
    New range of DSO's with ARB (BK Precision)
    New process instruments: multimeter and loop calibrator
  • 2011: SEFRAM launches the new DAS20/40 family of portable recorders.
    New family of TV meters with DVB-T2
    New TV Meters with enforced housing (7806-7807-7808-7846) with MPEG4 decoding
    New family of power clamps (600A and 1000A)
  • 2010: SEFRAM launches a new TV Meters family dedicated to HD TV with first models on worldwide market able to display HD programs and decode all digital sounds.
  • 2009: new products in T&M, with new DC electronic loads, new spectrum analysers and new TV Meters.
  • 2008: new products in T&M (more than 10) and new recorder's boards and options. The website is totally rebuilt.
  • 2007: a new family of TV Meters : New concept and state-of-art features
  • 2007: a new T&M catalogue with more than 20 news products!
  • 2006: ISO9001 certification renewal (V2000)
  • 2006: a new family of recorders 8440, DAS600 and DAS1400 - from 6 to 36 channels.
  • 2005:  a new family of Field Strength meters (7829B, 7833C, 7834B).
  • November 2004 : SEFRAM becomes the European plateform for BK Precision .

SEFRAM, a know-how recognized since 1947:

  • 1947 : fundation of Sefram. Development and specialization in the field of recorders.
  • 1978 : Schlumberger share's acquisition in SEFRAM and merger ENERTEC. Creation of the
    "Test & Measurement" Division in Schlumberger, that includes the development and manufacturing of oscilloscopes, frequency counters, generators,... from Schlumberger and the recorders from Sefram.
  • 1990 : L.B.O. of the "Test & Measurement" Division of Schlumberger and foundation of the "Sefram Instruments & Systèmes" Company
  • 1995 : acquisition of Sefram Instruments & Systèmes by the G.E.Mesure  group.
  • 1997 : ISO 9001accreditation. Development of a new 16 channels thermal recorder (8416). Renewal of the Test & Measurement products, with the introduction of 40 new products.
  • 1998 : introduction of a new TV analyser, for digital and analog cable distribution and terrestrial TV and Internet applications (SEFRAM 7832).
    Transfer of Elditest activity to Sefram division.
  • 1999 : introduction of a new paperless recorder 4/8/12/16 channels (DAS1000). 
    More than 20 new products for Test &Measurements
  • 2000:  ISO9001 certification renewal.
    Introduction of a new family of mini-dataloggers.
  • 2001: introduction of more than 10 new T&M products. The datalogger's family is enhanced with 3 new models.
  • 2002: introduction of a new family of Field Strength Meters, to fulfil all TV and digital signal applications (terrestrial, satellite and cable)
  • 2003:  ISO9001 certification renewal with V2000 ISO. Introduction of DAS1200 and DAS400, paperless recorders. More than 10 new products for Test & Measurements.
  • 2004:  a new family of Field Strength meters (7802, 7803, 7804, 7805).

SEFRAM INSTRUMENTS SAS - 32, rue E. Martel - 42100 - St Etienne, France
Phone: +33 825 56 50 50 - Fax: +33 (0) 4 77 57 23 23

ELDITEST provides a complete family of test and measurement accessories designed to meet the real needs of engineers, designers and technicians.

ELDITEST Accessories for Test & Measurement

  • Oscilloscopes probes (including SMD probes)
  • Differential probes
  • Current clamp meters
  • Coaxial cables and adapters
  • Test tips and test leads
  • Patchcords
  • Connectors, plugs and sockets
  • Grabbers and alligator clips
  • 2 mm Accessories
  • SMD Accessories
  • Temperature Accessories