Thermometer with data logger (4 channels)

Model 9814

1 Year Warranty

Compact and easy to use, SEFRAM 9814 is the new data logger thermometer with 4 inputs. It's compatible with thermocouple type K,J,E and T.The tilt stand makes the measurement viewing easy when the thermometer is set down on a desk. The large LCD backlight screen enables to read the data in any environment.SEFRAM 9814 is provided with USB interface enable to collect and process the data with provided software PC.

  • Thermocouple types K, J, E and T
  • 16,000 data logger records each channel
  • Min / Max / Avg measurements on each channel
  • T1-T2 calculation function
  • Alarm function
  • Hold function
  • Recall function (to 100 instant save-readings storage)
  • Large backlight LCD screen : All channels diplayed simultenously
  • Adjustable auto-power off time
  • USB interface, PC software provided
  • Standard accessories: batteries, carrying case, USB cable, 2 thermocouple probes type K, Windows software



    Note/Description Version File Link
    Logiciel d'exploitation du thermomètre 9814 3.3
    PC software for thermometer 9814 3.3
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