Thermometer Bluetooth® with data logger (4 channels)

Model 9816B

1 Year Warranty

Compact and easy to use, SEFRAM 9816B is the new data logger thermometer with 4 inputs. It's compatible with thermocouple type K,J,E,N,T,R and S.The tilt stand makes the measurement viewing easy when the thermometer is set down on a desk. The large LCD backlight screen enables to read the data in any environment.SEFRAM 9816B is provided with USB interface enable to collect and process the data with provided software PC. SEFRAM 9816B is further provided with Bluetooth® interface permitting to operate your device, process and view records compatible with Smartphones : iOS and Android APP available to free download from APP store.

  • Thermocouple types K, J, E, N, T, R and S
  • 32,000 data logger records each channel
  • Min / Max / Avg measurements on each channel
  • T1-T2 calculation function
  • Alarm function
  • Hold function
  • Recall function (to 100 instant save-readings storage)
  • Large backlight LCD screen : All channels diplayed simultenously
  • Adjustable auto-power off time
  • USB interface, PC software provided
  • Bluetooth® application compatible with iOS and Android : TESTLINK
  • Standard accessories : batteries, carrying case, USB cable, 2 thermocouple probes type K, Windows software



    Note/Description Version File Link
    Logiciel d'exploitation du thermomètre 9816B 3.9
    PC software for thermometer 9816B 3.9
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